International technical assistance to the Rivne Academy of Patrol Police in 2021

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of February 15, 2002, № 153 “On the Establishment of a Unified System for Attracting, Using and Monitoring International Technical Assistance”, we announce the receipt of international technical assistance.

In 2021, within the framework of the International Technical Assistance Project (ITA) № 3742-02 “Establishment and development of the Patrol Police Academy within the National Police of Ukraine” there were taken measures on the improvement of the professional level of teaching staff and management of Rivne Patrol Police Academy. Also, it was received property to support the educational process of UAH 3 433 000, namely: computer equipment, medical training equipment, driving simulator, seat belt simulator.

In 2021, within the framework of the International Technical Assistance Project (ITA) № 4233-05 “Canadian-Ukrainian Police Development Project (CUPDP)” property worth a total of UAH 939 thousand were received, including computer equipment, training equipment, computer equipment, furniture, communications, building materials. There were also several sets of training for the Academy staff on the topics: “Gender Sensitive Communication”, “Gender Integration in the Security Sector”, “Program for Patrol Police Academies to Develop Training Courses”, “Women’s Leadership in Promoting Gender-Oriented Police: International Experience”.

All the above property is used to ensure the educational process and ensures the proper functioning of the Academy.

We thank our international partners (the US Embassy's Law Enforcement Division (INL), the US Department of Justice's International Criminal Investigation Program, the Canadian-Ukrainian Police Development Project (CUPDP), and the Canadian Police Mission in Ukraine (CPMU)) for their significant contributions to the Rivne Patrol Police Academy ”!