The current assessment is based on a 12-point system:

  • grade "excellent" - 10 - 12 points - the student has full educational material, freely, independently and confidently answers questions, able to independently, without errors to perform practical tasks;
  • grade "good" - 7 - 9 points - the student has a sufficient level of educational material, but makes minor mistakes in performing practical tasks;
  • assessment "satisfactory" - 4 - 6 points - the student as a whole has the material, but makes significant inaccuracies and errors;
  • grade "unsatisfactory" - 1 - 3 points - the student does not have the training material.

Intermediate control:

The test involves the control of the student's theoretical knowledge of the subject. It can take place orally, in writing (test, test), on a computer. The procedure for assessing and conducting a specific test is provided by the teacher separately.

Exam (exam).
Exam (exam) involves the control of theoretical knowledge of the student, their application in practice; control of the level of acquired skills and abilities. It can take many forms, but it must have a practical component. The procedure for assessing and conducting a specific exam is provided by the teacher separately.

Final control (State qualification certification):
Assessment of competencies based on the results of a comprehensive exam: involves the implementation of written examination work (using a computer - test tasks in the following subjects: Official documentation and features of registration of materials on administrative offenses in the patrol police for violation of traffic rules and performance of trial qualification work - performance of practical tasks and exercises in subjects: Tactical training, Physical training (self-defense tactics), Fire training.
Each part of the comprehensive exam and each stage are evaluated separately. If the grade is "unsatisfactory" at any stage, the student is expelled from the academy as not having completed the curriculum.
Re-taking the comprehensive exam, including its separate parts and stages are not allowed.

Based on the results of training (monthly), an individual rating of the student and the entire study group is compiled.