Department of training organization

Top management

Liskovska Maria Vasylivna

head of the department of training organization

The main activities of the unit include:

  • organization of the educational process, choice of forms and methods of teaching; development of the educational program, working curricula and programs on the basis of the State standards of professional (vocational and technical) education, definition of a variable component of the maintenance of professional (vocational and technical) education which are approved in accordance with the established procedure;
  • development of rules for admission of students to study in accordance with regulations in the field of education and the requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;
  • household services for students;
  • organization of advanced training or internship of the teaching staff of the Academy at enterprises, institutions, organizations; ensuring labor protection of students and employees; logistical support of the educational process; ensuring the proper quality of professional training of students; other activities in the field of education, which are not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine and do not contradict the Regulations on the State Institution "Rivne Academy of Patrol Police".
The organization of the educational and production process by the division of educational and methodical support of the Academy provides planning, accounting, the order of current, thematic, intermediate and initial control of the level of knowledge, skills and abilities of students, their qualification certification.